West End Build

St. John’s Church West End Build Community Project

Christmas 2019  A great present for us all – the new electricity supply for the church, including the WEB, is now fully installed and functional!

In the New Year work will continue to complete the interior.

Watch this space for news of when we can start using it.

whole frontage for web page

Wednesday 27th November
The new, upgraded electricity feed to the church will be installed on 5th Decenber. The final works within the WEB can then be completed.
The decision to move ahead to complete the building in the shortest possible time has bourne fruit. The loan from the diocese is in place.

Recent grants such as the £3,600 donation froAllchurches Logo Original (002)m ALLCHURCHES TRUST.

mean that we will not have to call upon as much of what is available as first thought.
After much soul searching and consultation the decision has been taken to use the land on which the Hall is built as collateral.  When all is completed and the new building is up and running we will sell the land to pay off any outstanding debt which we had been unable to cover by fundraising and grants.
And then, as if to signal that the right course had been laid, since the grant from AllChurches Trust a further three significant donations totalling £45,000 have been received. One of £10,000 is from the Garfield Weston Foundation. This was a Garfield Weston logoreal bonus as it was a donation of £20,000 from them eight years ago that enabled the work on phase one to get started. Have a look at their site and say thank you!       www.garfieldweston.org

We are always hoping for further donations and fundraising continues relentlessly.

Since the start of the whole project this fundraising has raised over £60,000 and we have now received over £80,000 in grants.

We are most grateful for everything we have been given and all the names (unless donors request otherwise) along with their gifts and donations, are entered in our Book of Gifts.

We are still working hard to raise money. Progress is recorded on the display near the entrance to the church. It now looks possible, still a huge task but with prayer, effort and good will, doable!

Thank you to all out supporters. (click to see message)

To see pictures of laying the foundation stone click here.