West End Build

St. John’s Church West End Build Community Project

The outer shell is now complete!

Thank you to all out supporters. (click to see message)

To see pictures of laying the foundation stone click here.

whole frontage for web page

In May 2017 we were thrilled to receive a bequest of £20,000 from the estate of Peter Vernon. This, together with grants already received from the Garfield Weston Foundation(£20,000), the Allchurches Trust (£3,000) and the William A. Cadbury Trust (£500), our own fundraising of over £34,000 and the amazing gift of labour and materials from our benefactor builders. Alan Degg and Sean Harriman, means that Phase 1 of the building work – the waterproof shell of the building has been completed.

We hope that it will be a short time now to starting  phase 2, the fitting out of the interior.

We are most grateful for all the many personal donations  we have received, all of which, along with all gifts and donations, will be entered in our Book of Gifts.

We are still working hard to raise the money we need to complete the interior of the building. Progress is recorded on the display near the entrance to the church. Its looking encouraging. Think what you can do to help and sign up

We recently updated a forecast of the financial sustainability of the building. The figures are based upon those of other centres in the county. Click here to see a breakdown of these possible costs and income.