Patronage Scheme

Patronage scheme                             St Johns leaflets(2012)

Have you ever wondered about how you could mark that special event in your life or the life of someone you love? We often spend money on things to bring joy to others e.g. a bunch of flowers, a box of chocolates etc. And whilst they are very much appreciated they have a relatively short shelf life. So, have you considered ‘buying’ something perhaps a little more permanent and would have a two fold effect by giving support to something else at the same time? The Patronage Scheme at St. John’s does this.

By July 2016 we had 64 Patrons which is a brilliant! That’s 64 special events or lives that have been marked in a lasting tribute. All kinds of special times feature in the Patronage book; from the birth of a child to the moving into a new home, from a major operation to the death of a loved one. Many mark a Wedding Day or a special Wedding Anniversary, many of these having taken place at St. John’s Church. Many mark the passing of important people who have shared their lives with us – with a birthday remembrance or more often the date they died.  And what better record is there to mark the 100th Birthday of a lady of our community!

On behalf of St. John’s Church I would like to say a sincere thank-you to all those people that have contributed already to the Patronage Scheme. We are so grateful that you have felt able to support this scheme to bring much-needed funds into the Church to help in meeting its’ daily running costs. We have been greatly encouraged by the response so far and delighted that it has also provided a link with people who, for many different reasons, wish to see St. John’s remain open and available for our community and beyond.

If you haven’t yet become a Patron, and you would like to, then you can do this at any time in the year. Leaflets are available in Church.  Instead of spending hundreds of pounds for newspaper adverts consider spending just £25 as a lasting tribute for your special time!


You may be surprised to know that it actually costs £1000 a week to keep St. John’s open every week!!  The running and maintenance costs alone stand at around £25 a day. And we need your help!

So what is the Patronage? It is a scheme asking for your financial help to support the practical ongoing running costs of the Church.  This aims to ensure the Church does not fall into disrepair or possible closure.

What does being a Patron mean? You choose your special date(s) and offer to ‘buy’ that date to mark that special time. Its costs £25 and your contribution will cover the running costs of the Church for that day.

What’s in it for me? Apart from the knowledge that you are making a big difference by contributing to keeping your local Church open, your name will be placed in the Patrons’ Book in Church and you will receive an annual commemorative certificate.

How can I be a Patron? Simple! Just choose a date that you want to remember (a birthday, wedding anniversary, a baptism, a family occasion or other special event in your life) and then complete the Patronage Form and return to the Vicarage. You should have received a leaflet through your door giving further information on this scheme or you can, of course, pick a leaflet up in Church.

The Church has played a vital role in our community here in Essington for generations. The current buiding began in 1932, thats 89 years ago!  It’s now our responsibility to preserve the Church for future generations!


Many thanks, once again, for helping to keep our Church open!

Sue Davenport