About our building

The Church is built in 1932 on a three acre site which includes the churchyard. The interior of the building has no aisles or columns so everyone has an uninterrupted view of the chancel. Some of the original oak pews have been replaced by rows of padded chairs to give more flexibility of seating arrangements at the front of church. The other pews remain, giving a maximum seating capacity of about 150.P1060307 compressed

The interior is light and welcoming and has additional community friendly facilities at the West End of the Church. We call it the WEB – Welcome EveryBody.

WEB onlyPlanning began as long ago as 2008, followed by fundraising and prayer. There have been many wonderful events along the way. The foundation stone was laid on 4th July 2015 and at the end of 2018 the exterior of the building was completed. The interior was completed just after Easter 2020.

The building is in use for lettings and some activities.

See the Contact Us page if you want to use this facility.


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