GBand – One of our most popular regular services of the past few years has been  GBand playing at “Sunday @ 6”
They usually play three sets of three songs with a bonus one to send us off singing.
Between the playing we have stories, drama, talks and jokes usually with a reading and prayers as well.
We sit informally and bring our drinks and refreshments to our places.
The company is always good and the music is inspiring.
Click below in GBand’s Message to listen to Mike and Alice raise your spirits. Watch the screen to see the words and you can sing along!

Message from GBand:

If you are missing coming along to Sunday at Six, or don’t normally attend and would like to have a listen and/or sing along to some of our songs, please click on the videos below. These songs have all been recorded during various of our Sunday at Six Get-Togethers. They are Live recordings and as they happen – so please forgive any minor blips!

More songs will be added soon!

01 Come as you are

02 My Lighthouse


03 The King of Love

04 City on a Hill

05 Build Your Kingdom Here


06 Who You say I am

07 Blessed be Your Name

(even more coming soon!)