Because the building is being funded by voluntary donations and the goodwill of contractors, it is very difficult to predict exactly when each step forward will happen. As of 5th June 2018

We are now at the stage where the openings for the windows and doors are being measured so that the frames can be made.
All the brick and blockwork is completed, the sills are in the windows. When the windows and doors are fitted the annex will be waterproof and secure. It will then be time to connect the annex to the main building. This will complete “Phase 1”.
Some of the grant providers who were approached were reluctant to be involved with us because it was impossible to state an end date for complition of Phase 1. Much of the work on the interior is in discrete sections which can be timetabled. This may make it worthwhile to go back to the grant suppliers with our updated proposals. All your prayers will help. So much help and materials have been pledged to Phase 2. Only very recently all the plaster needed for the interior walls was gifted. It should not be long now before the windows and doors are under way. Keep the faith! Keep praying!